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What's Puzzle Room?

We’ve all seen the movies where the main character escapes the room or diffuses the bomb at the very last second, and I agree it happens in Hollywood much too often.

But as an escape room owner I can assure you it can happen in real life – you can really be like your favorite superhero at Puzzle Room Bangkok!

Each room here is designed with its own distinct themes, missions, and hints. Here’s what sets us apart from other escape rooms out there:

1. Attention to detail and interior design. You can check out the pictures.
2. Players are more than welcome to take pictures in the room after the game!
3. High tech props as well as unexpected surprises!
4. Unique themes and exciting stories!
5. Easy to find and convenient working hours!
6. And all of this is quite easy on the wallet, to top it all off!

It’s an unforgettable experience – the excitement and adrenaline take forever to wear off!

Emotions run high from the moment the clock starts to those last few moments when you inch ever closer to setting yourself free… Beware, it’s dangerously fun!

Signing off, Puzzle Room Bangkok

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Private Events

In addition to our regular game schedule, private events can be held during our business hour. Whether you’re looking for a team building event for your company or unique activities for your co-workers, employees, family or friends, Puzzle Room Bangkok games are great ways to: promote staff teamwork, celebrate special events, reward employees or interns and have fun outside of the office.

Our Rooms

At the moment we have 4 differently themed rooms.

Bank Robbery

Room : Bank Robbery
Price : ฿555/person

Bank Robbery

Do you think you could plan a bank robbery?
Well, you need to practice…
You Came To The Right Place

Today, you’ll be facing your greatest challenge yet, as you and your team will be robbing a ShitiBank. The bank which took everything from you! Time for the sweet revenge!

Your Inside man have gained you access to the bank, where the door to the vault awaits. He have discreetly hidden clues, tools and hints around the bank which you will need to complete your job. He also suspended the security system for 55 minutes. After that amount of time, the alarm will be activated, and you will have 5 minutes from that point to escape before you get BUSTED.
What you should know before robbing a bank?

Prison Break

Room : Prison Break
Price : ฿555/person

Prison Break

ปริศนาห้อง แหกคุกมหาประลัย - Gestapo Escape room: Jailbreak-Gestapo !!! GOOD NAZI is a dead NAZI !!! It's world war 2 and you obtained a secret information which can bring down Nazi regime!!! But you are get detained,because of you Hitler himself is coming to secret police headquarters "Gestapo" You only 60min to escape without triggering the alarm Are you smart enough? You only have 60 min to succeed go go go !!!

The Lost Symbol

Room : Lost Symbol
Price : ฿666/person

The Lost Symbol

60 min of fun, clues, hints, secrets codes to crack, are you ready to become a member of illuminati . Illuminati a secret society within a secret society! 60 min of adventure surrounded by most controversial secret society in the world.

Stars Wars

Room : Space Adventure
Price : ฿888/person

Stars Wars

ห้องปริศนาสตาร์วอร์ส Escape room: Space Adventure A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.... Are you ready to become a part of an epic adventure in a spaceship, fight the Darf Whydar, solve the mysteries. Find the crystal so you can escape before they come! You have only 60 min left! Hurry up!!

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